Wednesday, April 30, 2014

30 Days of Blogging: April 30DoB Goal Review

1. Finish This Link-Up
Well this is post number 15 in the link-up so I didn't do TERRIBLE but no I didn't finish it. Honestly doing half of them is better than I expected. I'm going to try to go back and finish the rest but we will see. 

2. Finish My Photo a Day Challenge
I'll get this one finish today!!

3. Get Everything in My Living Room Unpacked
Ha...NOPE!! Not even close. Got another box out of there yesterday but this one is definitely not done...

4. Get All of My CDs and DVDs Put on Their Shelves (in Alphabetical Order...)
Yea this is another no...they're all still sitting in boxes. :/

5. Start Sorting ALL of the Scentsy Family Stuff I Have Scattered Through My House
I started a little bit with this but I'll get more done this weekend as I have to take some of my products to an event. I'm gonna count this as a success since I technically started! 

6. Figure Out What to Do With Our Yard
We have a plan...not much is in motion but we have a plan! 

7. Plan My Next Scentsy Family Team Meeting
We don't have a date set but I have promised that we have one coming very soon!! Maybe the date will be set today!

It's all at the house...not unpacked yet but it's all moved over and our friend have moved into our old house. 

9. Get My Kitchen Table Moved In
Nope...not even close!

10. Stock My House With Groceries
Yes! I finally went grocery shopping and we have food in our cabinets! :) 

Ok so I did better than I thought I had. Maybe I'll get the rest finished up next month?? How did you do on your goals for the month?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

30 Days of Blogging: Favorite 30DoB Prompt

Well since I love making lists and I love setting goals I have to say that my favorite prompt was:
Goals for the Month of April
I'm not doing the greatest on accomplishing any of them but at least I set goals for myself and thought about them several times through the month!!!

But since it was also a list my 2nd favorite was:
21 Facts About Me
I love writing random lists and sharing quirky things about myself so this was right up my alley.

I didn't do the greatest on keeping up on all 30 days but I'm trying to go back and do more of them so keep an eye out!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

30 Days of Blogging: My Blog Besties

I read so many blogs that I could write about here but I don't interract with the writers much so here are the few that I do keep in touch with and know:

Well this fancy gal is Kelsey and she is the brains and beauty over at Keeping Up With Kelsey. We have probably met each other years and years before we knew it since our dads went to school together in the awesome little town of Wilber, NE. We however did start spending time together when I was the Nebraska Czech-Slovak Queen and she was the Wilber Czech Queen. Many crazy days and nights with not enough sleep in a car on our way to events. We once even considered the closest thing to a monsoon that Nebraska has around 2 in the morning. Soon after those adventures she joined my Scentsy team and we have spent time talking business with that. After she started blogging I decided to give it another whirl and here I am! She is sure to make you laugh and even teach you a little about agriculture or running if you check out her blog.What are you waiting for? Go CZECH it out....Keeping Up With Kelsey (yea sorry...had to do it!)

This beautiful mama is Tonja and she is the full time project manager over at The Sullivan Good Life. I have know Tonja probably since elementary school. Her younger brother and I were in school together for years before we got to know each other. We hit it off when we sat next to each other in band my sophomore year. I think she was the only reason I played all the way through sophomore year and when she graduated at the end of the year...I dropped out of band. She also joined my Scentsy team and this brought us closer together again. She inspires me in so many ways in watching her raise her 4 kids and do everything she can from home so she can be there with all of them. I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom but thought that in today's day and age it was nearly impossible unless you live like pilgrims. She has proven this to be wrong and it gives me hope that maybe someday I can too. She has also inspired me to get healthy and get fit. Seeing the AMAZING results she has had doing the Beachbody workouts after she has become a coach makes me want to follow in her footsteps on that too! If you wanna see how this busy Mama does it all be sure to check out The Sullivan Good Life.

This strong and independent woman is Raewyn ruling the world over at Be a Warrior Queen. We actually got paired up for a Carabox and started messaging each other back and forth. We had so much in common and had a blast getting to know each other. I wish I could say we have kept in touch but I haven't been a very good blogger lately and have kinda fell off the face of the earth so I haven't been in touch with many people at all. I love her positive attitude and she was great at cheering me up and letting me know that someone cared when I was having a hard time in life. If you need to remember how strong of a woman you are and how big your place in this world is be sure to check out Be a Warrior Queen!

I don't know who else is out there? If you read my blog I would love to hear from you so I can get to know some of you!! :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

30 Days of Blogging: 21 Facts About Me

  1. I love lists! Yupp...this is my favorite prompt yet! :) I am constantly making lists and sometimes making lists for my lists for my lists.
  2. This year will be my golden birthday. I'll be 28 on June 28th. 
  3. I have always wanted to have a radio show. No idea why this is but I think it would be great to share my opinions on things and help others figure things out. I would like to think that I am exciting enough for people to listen to. 
  4. I have 3 black pugs...and an obsession with pugs in general. My puggies are my babies and even my husband knows where he ranks in comparison to them. ;) I will be a WRECK when I lose one of them.
  5. I love to cook but hate to clean up afterwards. Luckily we have an agreement in our house that I cook and Brad does the dishes. We both end up happy this way so it is definitely working out. 
  6. I want to someday own my own salon and spa. I would love to have my own space to take care of my own clients. Maybe just one chair and one facial bed but it would be MINE so that would make it perfect. After owning my own salon, I think that someday maybe I will try to teach in this industry. I love helping people and have watched my dad teach at the college level for years so this has always been in my sights. 
  7. If I had a superpower I wish I could turn back time. Not to change things but just to relive them. I would love to have one last song at my favorite concert or one last adrenaline rush on my favorite roller coaster or one last hug with someone I've lost.
  8. I'm a technology geek and love to have the latest and greatest technology but I try to step back and remind myself that brand new things often have problems. I often have to sell myself on NOT buying things.
  9. I finally learned to shop for clothes by what they are and not just the price. I used to shop for things that were ok and wearable off the clearance rack. I always wondered how everyone else looked so adorable and I felt frumpy. This year I finally started shopping based on what I love and know I will wear. I feel a million times better about myself in the things I'm wearing now. 
  10. While I am a technology geek as listed above...I have a hard time getting digital media and e-books. There is just something about having the CD with the insert or holding a book in my hands that won't die in the middle of me reading it that I have a hard time giving up. I have been known to buy a digital copy of something and if I love it enough I buy the CD/Book/DVD  too.
  11. I hate being as tall as I am. If I knew there was a surgery I could have and I had the money to blow on it, I would have surgery to make me shorter. I would LOVE to be 5'5" or 5'6". (I am 6'1" for those that don't know how tall I am.) I have always been self conscious about my height and while it's gotten better over the years I hate when I get brave enough to wear heels and I walk somewhere for someone to say "OH MY GOSH...HOW TALL ARE YOU!??!?" Well...hello to you too. HAHA
  12. I wish I was brave enough to move away from home. I wish I could pack up and move to Kansas City, Fort Worth, or Prague but I will likely never be brave enough to actually do it. 
  13. I always hated Apple products and said I would never own one but I now own an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Airport Express, Apple TV, and Macbook Pro. I love how reliable their products are and am hooked...yes I'll probably be buying products from them for the rest of my life. 
  14. I hope to someday have a job where I can travel a little for work. I would love to be a trainer for a product line or something where I can travel around the US or beyond for work but don't want to be traveling full time. 
  15. I think I need to have kids or nanny again so I have an excuse for my love of Disney movies. :) Yes I have watched Frozen 4 times in the past month since I watched it for the first time and no I haven't ever watched it will a child. 
  16. I'm TERRIBLE about procrastinating...I should be doing homework right now but instead I am blogging and avoiding it. 
  17. I have a weakness for sushi and Mexican food. :) I can be full and will find a way to sneak in a few more bites with these. I always finish eating and feel miserable for hours afterwards. 
  18. If I don't drink soda I get a HORRIBLE caffeine headache. I would love to quit drinking soda but I don't like coffee without a ton of sugar and creamer (which makes it no worse than soda) so I'll have to work to cut back before I quit cold turkey. 
  19. I don't really like bologna but for whatever reason whenever I eat my mom's chili I love to have a bologna sandwich with it. I'm not sure how this started but me and my younger brother both do it. Mom's chili and a bologna sandwich with miracle whip. :) I also love adding vinegar and cheese to my chili.Yea..I'm weird. :) 
  20. I was a vegetarian for 4 years. Not for a noble reason...only because my mom didn't believe I could do it and said if I did it would only last 2 weeks. I showed her....and made her mad I think....every day for 4 years. Yea...I'm a tad stubborn...
  21. I've only gone hunting once but when I did I told my husband I was going to do everything. He figured I would try but chicken out on it. (Who would think the girl that was a vegetarian for 4 years would to it all. I shot the buck (only in the leg but he had to shoot the 2nd time because I was too shaken up as I had never shot at a moving target in my life) and then helped to drag it to the truck, field dress, skin and de-bone it. Nobody thought I would do it but I did it all! :) Guess the bonus of growing up with brothers is to not be afraid to get a little dirty. 
There you have it! 21 things that many of you don't know about me. :) I hope you do this too so I can read about you a little more! Can you relate to any of these or which do you think are really weird?

Friday, April 11, 2014

30 Days of Blogging: Did You Ever See Yourself Doing What You Do Today?

Did I ever see myself married and back in school full time to start a career in the beauty industry? Honestly? HECK NO!! Not until a few months before we got married.

I had finished my degree after many bumps in the road and had finally decided I wanted to do web design. I was even doing just that....and I still wasn't happy. I truly had a great job but it was only that...a job. I didn't love it and I didn't see myself doing it for the rest of my life. <insert dramatic soul searching music> I had to rethink everything in life...and I did just that. I loved meeting people and helping them, I am good at sales but don't like to be pushy, I love all of these things but how the heck to they add up?! </dramatic soul searching music> (Ok...if you got that thumbs up to you, that was part of that web design time in my life...) I realized that doing hair was it. I had always thought about it but was afraid that people would think it was a dumb career or I went because I wasn't smart enough for "real school." I didn't think I was the hairstylist type with the adorable clothes and cute would I fit in? Oh how I wish I would have looked past what other people thought right away.

I put in my 2 week notice 2 weeks before I got married and only told my new husband of my plans. We agreed to make it work. I went back to work for a few weeks to help them out between the wedding and when I started school and a week before I started classes I told my parents and everyone else what I had done. I think everyone thought I was NUTS but as time went on and they saw me working and doing well at school they opened up to the idea. The next bombshell was to tell them I wouldn't be finished after the 14 months...I was going BACK to school for the Esthetician program. As before there were a lot of opinions but now everyone is happy that I'm doing what I love and loving what I do.

I have to say the hardest parts of going back is the severe lack of time and the drama. Let me explain:
*The time - well this is pretty self explanatory. A newly married couple with a wife that goes to school 40 hours a week and works 25 hours a week. We haven't done a lot of the things my newly married friends and family have done but we are making it work. I just have to keep telling myself that when I'm done we will make up the missed vacations and fun times with friends.
*The drama - again...fairly self explanatory...I'm in school with 100 women and a lot of them are just out of high school. I grew up with brothers so I have always related more closely to men so that took some adjusting in the first place. It's definitely an adjustment but now that I'm working in the industry it is clear that women don't always grow up so no matter how hard you try to avoid it there will always be someone to cause drama.

What did I see coming? I always saw myself as married and starting a family by now. I still see that in the future and am happy that it has waited to help me accomplish some other things in life. I did see myself as a director with Scentsy after years working with this amazing company. I knew that with the team of men and women I have under me that it was a matter of time. I love it but wish I had more time for it...hopefully very very soon!

I can't complain about where my life is at these days and wouldn't take anything back but I definitely want to encourage people to work for their dreams. No matter how hard it is...if you want it bad will make it happen. It may not be the exact path you expected or even the exact results but work for it and know that nobody can stand in your way...if you don't let them!! :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

30 Days of Blogging: My Favorite Poem

Well someone told me today that I need to have kids because I'm just a big kid at heart with my love of Disney movies and coloring. :) I guess I'll just prove that even more by picking a "poem" by Dr. Suess. I love the words in Oh! The Places You'll Go! 

It's so inspirational but something that everyone from age 4 to 94 can be motivated by and relate to.